Tips to Make Your Car Last More Upto 4,00,000 Kms

Do you really love your car? And finding the best tips to perform it very well for long life? Yeah many of them are interested to find the best and efficient way to make car last longer Upto: 4,00,000 Kms. Yeah, a car is the best one that will help your personality boost in the public. So don’t you think to take care of it very well?

So here are few of the tips that will surely help you in making your car last longer, up to: 4,00,000 Kms.

 Find A Good Mechanic And Stick With Them

You need to develop a long-term relationship with you and the mechanic, same as that between a doctor and a patient. If you are able to find a service center that knows you and your car very well which helps to build and develop the working history that allows both of them know what has or what has not been done to your car or vehicle. There are many of the capable mechanics, but there are strong enough reasons to stick with the service of the dealer. Technicians who work for the dealers on cars of particular brand are expert to know them inside and out. They have quick access to the factory parts and the latest service information.

Be An Easy Driver

Be a driver who respects his car and efficiency. A driver who learns to be smooth at driving can expect to see their cars last longer. All you need is to practice smooth application of throttle and progressive application of the brakes. Abrupt starts and stops are the reason to induce the strain in the entire Driveline, from the transmission to the joints and suspension. Do not strain engine to work fast or to stop them immediately without any genuine reason or cause. Drive smoothly as if they were an egg between your foot and the gas pedal.

Oil’s Well: Check it, Know it and Change it in Time

Modern engines are designed and manufactured with the tighter tolerances to operate with very light oil that also helps improving fuel economy. The vehicles user manual or a label on oil fill cap will indicate you which oil should be used in the engine. You need to check your engine oil level regularly as the manufacturing company has suggested you to change the oil at intervals of 5,000, 9,000 or even 12,000 Kms. But just because you can change it on such intervals is not the way for healthy engine life. You need to check the level of oil and top it up if necessary as per the user manual guidelines. Do not change the oil so early. Check it, know it and change it in time and do not make a wrong belief that you can go for an interval change doesn’t mean your engine won’t consume some oil.

Remember to Park in Shade

It is necessary to park your car in the shade. The reason behind this is that the ultraviolet light dulls paint, rots upholstery and clouds headlight lenses. These ultraviolet sun rays may also affect your car’s interior to dry out. Always remember to park your vehicle in the shaded portion in a garage or under the carport. If you do not find it for a while you can put a reflective sunshade under your windshield. But considering the protection and safety factor do not park your vehicle under trees as over the time, sap, leaves and other debris will dull your car’s finish and color too.

Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are very useful for your car’s longer life. The close tolerances of the modern engines cannot easily withstand the rapid expansion caused by the overheating in the engines. So you have to check the coolant as well as the radiators, hoses regularly for a clear maintenance. It’s good to replace water pump after a long interval for keeping your engines work efficiently.

Timing Belt Service

Timing belt service can be expensive, but it helps to work the engine in a proper way. The service should be done with proper interval of time as it drives the coolant pump and it is the smart step to change the pump at the same time, because you have already paid the labor cost.

Keep It Clean

Clean car will live long as the acid from the dead insects and saps will fade away the color as well as might cause corrosion in the body. Even the mud cake on the wheels holds the moisture for a longer period of time causing the corrosion. Keep your car away from the dirt to avoid corrosion.

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